Even before the bishops assembled in Rome in early October, it was unclear what the Amazon Synod was, really, about. If it was about evangelization in that region, you would want to focus sharply, indeed narrowly, on the practical means. Because if the Church hasn’t made much headway in the region after 500 years, including the past 50 years (since Vatican II) during which several of the Amazon bishops claim to have been carrying out a more sensitive ministry close to indigenous peoples, you wouldn’t want to head off onto yet another period of ineffective wishful thinking. 阅读更多.


罗伯特·皇家(Robert Royal)和爱德华多·埃切维里亚(Eduardo Echeverria)对使用某些亚马逊符号和梵蒂冈无法或不愿意解释它们是什么以及在亚马逊会议纲要中指的含义引起的公共关系混乱提出了两种看法。 阅读更多.


With the staggering amount of fake news that makes its way around the Internet and social media these days, it’s difficult not to be sympathetic to critiques of journalists. Yet in the grand tradition of shooting the messenger, there have been some truly stunning efforts recently, by various figures in and around the Vatican, to make it appear that criticisms of Pope Francis and some of his dodgier moves during the current Amazon Synod are simply the scurrilous tactics of so-called “journalists without ethics.” 阅读更多.


So. . . . The greatest headline from yesterday: “Pachamama sleeps with the fishes.” A reference, for those who do not already know the history of the Mafia, or even of “The Godfather” films, to a common practice. In Sicily, when one branch of the mob rubs someone out, they put his body in the ocean, and send a fish wrapped in newspaper to the relevant mob members and family members. He, they announce,  is dead, i.e., “sleeps” with the fishes. 阅读更多.



由于将主要内容纳入了工作文件,因此最终结果没有太大疑问。此外,选择参加的人们几乎不仅是拉丁美洲的,而且甚至是拉丁美洲“外围”的某个特定方向的人。并且正在大量使用似乎应该胜过所有其他考虑因素的团体:“土著人民”。 阅读更多.


In any large organization, but especially a global and universal one like the Catholic Church, the chief executive has to take special care about two things. There will, of course, be different views, perspectives, emphases, ideas on various sides, and the boss must, first, make sure that they are all contributing to the central purposes of the body. And second, he must be extremely cautious that he himself does not undermine those purposes.

这就是为什么如果写了真实的历史,那么亚马逊上的Synod就是一个重要的区域,但并不像最近几周所宣称的那样独特,它将成为历史。 阅读更多.


亚马逊Synod昨天通过了中点。随着事情开始接近尾声,一些潮流变得越来越明显。教宗任命最终文件起草委员会四个新人物,这表明可能已经预料到的是,总路线已定下来。就像过去的会议一样,结果不会有任何戏剧性。但是有一些细节值得关注。 阅读更多.


亚马逊会议的第二周从昨天开始,通常的声音以通常的方式说出通常的事情。关于培养和重视土著人民以及生态转化的话题更多,但奇怪的是,几乎没有什么可以使我们对这一切的运作方式感到放心,因为如此多的参与者声称已经从事这种活动已有相当一段时间了。 阅读更多.

谁需要生态转换? –和规范化说明

We begin today – the delightfully incoherent “Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in the United States – with several questions. Where has environmental harm to rivers, air, soil been most reversed? And where is it now most difficult for factories to pollute streams, for farms to allow fertilizer and pesticide runoff to poison local flora and fauna, and for both companies and individuals to put soot and other unhealthy particulates into the air? And where, too, are the strongest advocates for taking care of both the 7 billion people on the planet and the global ecosystem on which we all depend? 阅读更多.


Synods almost always move within predictable boundaries and the subjects they take on, the very language they use, is largely predictable. But a new term has popped up at the Amazon Synod in the last few days that may be significant. Various sources say that the synod participants have been talking about changing our mentality from thinking of ourselves as the lords and masters of nature to our true position – as “guests.” As with much else that happens in discussions of ecology, this has its positive and negative sides. The positive side, a very positive side, is that it repudiates a centuries-old view that corrupted the Scientific Revolution at the very start. Rene Descartes spoke of making ourselves “masters and possessors of nature.” Francis Bacon went even further advising we “put nature on the rack for the relief of man’s estate.” 阅读更多.


In the early days of a synod, it’s very difficult to assess what’s going on  – especially because observers and journalists are not allowed into the hall. And that’s under the best of circumstances. In current circumstances, the communications office says that it has been taking special steps to ensure that as much clear information as possible is being released. A phrase has come up several times – even alluded to by the pope: they hope to keep what is really going on (“the synod of the room”) from being distorted in various outlets (“the synod of the journalists”).

这几乎不是新问题。教皇本尼迪克特十六世经常谈到梵蒂冈II,他和JPII以及实际上参加安理会的许多其他人都认为这是在更新方面的平衡努力,是如何在异教神学家的帮助下,迅速变成“新闻工作者委员会”的。在像我们这样的以媒体诠释的世界中,可以轻松地通过外观代替现实。 阅读更多.


When we turn to the Church, however, we expect something different both in terms of belief and action. We still contribute to the common good, to use the classical term, even though, in our societies, there is no common idea of what is good. We do so because we believe certain things are good for all human beings. Besides, if you have to live in the same cage as the other animals, mere prudence means you at least try to get along. 阅读更多.



在过去的几周中,“教区议会”的麻烦一面已显而易见。在Amazon Synod甚至还没有开始之前-穿着绿色的主教们昨天就在圣彼得大教堂参加了Mass的教皇,今天开始工作-到处都是热情洋溢的主张和反诉的漩涡,其中从未有过类似的说法。罗马在这种事件上。 。 。 。 阅读更多.